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The world’s heaviest app, by Metal Hammer Magazine for iPad, iPhone and iTouch

Available FREE from iTunes

03/12/12 Metal Hammer Magazine, the heavy metal bible, has partnered with Mobobo, the world’s only Real Time Talking App Developers, to bring you the ‘Heavy Metal by Metal Hammer’ app.

A unique app that features the world’s first screaming game – in which you compete with a virtual metalhead for screaming supremacy – this is an app that, like the magazine, is for metalheads, by metalheads.

‘Heavy Metal by Metal Hammer’ challenges users’ metal abilities via the antics of ‘Lemmy Atom’. Users get marked on accuracy and how loud they can be, and if they do well in the game they get the chance to turn Lemmy into a demon, who’ll tirelessly repeat phrases in a voice so grisly you can almost smell the brimstone.

Users can poke Lemmy, knock him over or just be nice and tickle him (we’ve checked, tickling is still metal). If they talk to him, he’ll listen and repeat back what they’ve said.

Heavy Metal – let us hear you scream!

Heavy Metal by Metal Hammer is available now for free, exclusively through iTunes, for iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

For more information please contact Ben Pester, Communications Manager at ben.pester@futurenet.com or 0207 042 4035 and 07737 138 384

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