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Total Film Unveils The 100 Greatest Heroes And Villains!

  • Alien’s Ellen Ripley beats 007 to be crowned Greatest Hero

  • Darth Vader named Ultimate Villain

  • Harrison Ford appears twice in top 5 Heroes

  • Batman and Star Wars dominate top 10

15/03/13 Total Film has battled good and evil to reveal The 100 Greatest Heroes And Villains to ever grace the big screen. From Begbie to Batman, Potter to Plainview, Total Film’s team of movie experts have compiled the definitive list of cinema’s greatest ever saints and sinners.

Beating Britain’s very own James Bond (2nd place) to take home the Greatest Hero accolade is the heart and soul of the Alien franchise, Ellen Ripley. The only female to appear in the top 10, Lieutenant Ripley was originally intended to be a male character until a virtually unknown Sigourney Weaver auditioned and the gender was switched.

Topping the Ultimate Villain list is the master of evil, Darth Vader. The Star Wars dark lord beats Batman’s nemesis, The Joker (2nd place) and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s killing machine in The Terminator, T-800 (3rd place).

The Star Wars and Batman series have characters named in both the top 10 Heroes and top 10 Villains lists, with the original space cowboy, Han Solo, being named 4th Greatest Hero and Gotham’s bad-ass billionaire, Batman, being named 6th Greatest Hero.

Harrison Ford features twice in the top 5 Greatest Heroes, for his portrayal of both the archaeologist adventurer Indiana Jones (3rd place) and Star WarsHan Solo.

Elsewhere, Oscar winner and Hollywood darling Jennifer Lawrence’s character of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games comes in at 15th place in the Greatest Hero list. The role made Lawrence the highest grossing female action hero of all time.

Superman – soon to be re-suited and rebooted in Man Of Steel, on the cover of the new issue of Total Film – came in as the 12th Greatest Hero.

Total Film Deputy Editor, Jamie Graham says: “Ellen Ripley is simultaneously tough and tender, nurturing and pitiless, and it’s a measure of her durability – in every way – that she’s beaten the boys to land the title of the greatest hero in cinema history. Darth Vader, meanwhile, overcomes an asthmatic wheeze and paternal hankerings to emerge as /the/ iconic bad guy, both cool and terrifying.”

The top 10 Greatest Heroes and Villains are:


1. Ellen Ripley (The Alien series 1979-1997)

2. James Bond (The Bond films 1962-2012)

3. Indiana Jones (The Indiana Jones series 1981-2008)

4. Han Solo (Star Wars: Episodes IV-VI 1977-1983)

5. Iron Man (The Iron Man series, Avengers Assemble 2008-2013)

6. Batman (The Batman series 1966-2012)

7. Marty McFly (The Back To The Future trilogy 1985-1990)

8. John McClane (The Die Hard series 1988-2013)

9. Aragorn (The Lord Of The Rings trilogy 2001-2003)

10. Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird 1962)


1. Darth Vader (The Star Wars series 1977-2005)

2. The Joker (Batman: The Movie, Batman, The Dark Knight 1966-2008)

3. T-800 (The Terminator 1984)

4. The Sheriff Of Nottingham (Various 1912-2010)

5. Norman Bates (Psycho series 1960-1998)

6. Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men 2007)

7. General Zod (Superman 1978-2013)

8. Hans Gruber (Die Hard 1988)

9. Harry Lime (The Third Man 1949)

10. The Wicked Witch Of The West (The Wizard Of Oz 1939)

The full list can be seen in the latest issue of Total Film, on-sale today.


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