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Techmonitor 2013 An Annual Research Study Of The Technology Market

Insight On Consumer Trends Demonstrate The UK Are Becoming A Nation Of Technology Experts

Future’s Technology Audience Dominate Tech Spending


06/06/13 Future, the UK’s number one technology publisher and international specialist media group, today unveiled its annual Techmonitor research findings on consumer technology habits and trends.

The exclusive breakfast briefing took place at the Charlotte Street Hotel, London, and  revealed that the UK is becoming a nation of techies, with 69% considering themselves an expert in at least one area of technology.

The research undertaken in association with The Source, a bespoke qualitative and quantitative London based research solutions provider, polled over 5,000 consumers in the UK and US; with close to 2900* UK responses – half from the general public and the rest from Future’s tech audiences.

Future has segmented the UK technology market into six audience groups reflecting technology confidence, and these sectors need to be communicated to in very different ways. Immersed Leaders, who are the most enthusiastic segment, like to have peer-to-peer conversation, whilst a Confident Pragmatist simply wants to know the benefits of what they are looking to buy. The other segmentation groups are Expert Enthusiasts, Gadget Fashionistas, Traditional Users and Laggards.

Its findings discovered that despite the recession, spending in technology has not curtailed and still remains strong. The ‘Immersed Leaders’ and ‘Expert Enthusiasts’ – core to Future’s tech savvy audience – are the most engaged and are most likely to be early adopters and opinion leaders. These segments of the audience spend the most money, with the ‘Immersed Leaders’ typically spending twice the national average, and influence the buying habits of the less engaged i.e. ‘Gadget Fashionistas’ and ‘Confident Pragmatists’.

The briefing was presented by Future’s Managing Director of Technology and Entertainment  Nial Ferguson, Market Research Director Simon Wainwright and Advertising Director Stuart Staves, along with representatives from The Source. It was attended by over 50 of Future’s global technology clients and agency guests across marketing, planning, buying and business development.

Additional findings include:

  • 58% of the UK population are feeling more confident using technology than they did a year ago
  • Older audiences are keeping pace with technology: 58% of the over 65s are now finding technology easier to use
  • Home Entertainment (Smart TV’s) and Portable Devices (Tablets and 4G Smartphones) will be the key purchase areas for 2013
  • Boundaries between work and home are blurring, in particular for the 16 to 35 year olds
  • Social networking is more evident now than it was a year ago, with mobile being the primary driver of this
  • Technology is becoming too invasive a force in respondents’ lives. However when push came to shove, very few felt they could do without it and saw the benefits of technology connectivity
  • The Future audiences are very influential in technology, with 80% stating that people come to them for advice

Simon Wainwright, says: “This has been a comprehensive piece of research to segment the UK and US markets in terms of their attitudes towards, and familiarity with all things tech.

“Through this work, we are seeing the deepening of the relationship between consumers and tech, and how for those that are the most engaged, the recession has had little impact on their planned spend in the next year.

“That’s great news for our clients in this space. We’ve also been able to ascertain how our own audiences attitudes in technology differ in the UK and US, but also in their knowledge, influence and spend. By incorporating the US market into this years Techmonitor research, we have gained some great insights of how technology is developing and compares in these two big markets.”

Nial Ferguson, says: “As the leading technology publisher in the UK, I believe we have a responsibility to develop and then share our understanding of the UK technology buying market.  We need to understand the brands, the platforms and the general trends that are affecting our audiences, and also to better understand the issues that are facing our commercial partners. This will allow us to shape our business accordingly, and ensure that we are responding to our clients needs more effectively.”

The 2013 Techmonitor survey leads the field in identifying the latest consumer technology habits and trends in the UK market. It provides clear direction and comprehensive findings that will benefit organisations who are looking to enhance their understanding of their audiences’ interests and opinions.

The full presentation and imagery, including an overview infographic, is available at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jma7ux27vh3ztn0/fodD2VtPhb

For more information please contact:

Please contact Ben Pester, Communications Manager at ben.pester@futurenet.com or 0207 042 4035 and 07737 138 384

Editors Notes:

About Techmonitor:

Techmonitor is Future Tech’s proprietary research study. It provides a detailed root and branch review of the tech buying market in the UK. Studies have been undertaken in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011. This research study was carried out on behalf of Future by The Source. consisting of *2894 UK responses with two distinct groups, 1315 nationally representative and 1579 Future readers.

About Future plc:

  • Future plc is an international media group and leading digital publisher, listed on the London Stock Exchange (symbol: FUTR).
  • We have operations in the UK, US and Australia creating 200 publications, apps, websites and events.
  • We hold market-leading positions in Technology, Entertainment, Guitar, Creative, Sport and Auto sectors.
  • We attract more than 50 million monthly global unique users to our websites, which include techradar.com, gamesradar.com, bikeradar.com and musicradar.com.
  • Future sold more than 24 million magazines last year, that’s 45 magazines every minute. Our most well-known print brands include T3, Total Film, Cycling Plus and Official Xbox Magazine.
  • We deliver over 100 digital editions, and have sold over three million products powered by our own app-creation software, FutureFolio.
  • Future exports or syndicates over 200 publications to over 90 countries, making us the UK’s number one exporter and licensor of magazine content.
  • Future is currently Consumer Digital Publisher of the Year for both the Association of Online Publishers and the Professional Publishers Association. Future was also named Media Company of the Year at the 2013 British Media Awards.