Future Announces Significant Changes to its Management Structure

Future Announces Significant Changes to its Management Structure
October 13, 2016 joakman

Along with the recent appointment of Julian March as Managing Director – Media, Future has since restructured the organisation to create two entirely new divisions. The introduction of Media Services and B2B divisions will see the company capitalise on current market trends, leading Future into previously untapped territory on a global scale.


Managing Director – Media Services


Media Services MD, Claire MacLellan, has spent the last 10 years working for Fitness First in an international capacity.


For the last 5 years of her time at Fitness First, Claire was responsible for international franchising along with the strategic delivery of the Group’s vision as Global Head of Business Development.


Claire has spent the past six months at Future as Product and Strategy Director, working to understand the organisation and its positioning in the market. Focusing on how Future will win the next year, Claire will head up the new division, Media Services.


Managing Director – Media Services, Claire MacLellan, commented:


“I’m thrilled to bring to life our strategy for Media Services, opening up a new chapter in the Future offering. As we have evolved Future’s strategy, one thing has become increasingly clear: we have two different propositions in the market.


With a talented team at its core, Media Services will be responsible for expanding our licensing revenues in digital and print globally. We’ll delve into opportunities to franchise our Digital Brands in non-core markets, and make possible the franchising of our major events.


Reinvigorating our focus on Fusion Content Publishing will be a key target area. The recent successes we have had with eBay are testament to how important this part of the business is to us.


This is an exciting venture for Future and one that I can’t wait to get started on.”


Managing Director – B2B


Ben Greenish joins Future to steer the organisation towards the huge potential in their B2B portfolio as Managing Director – B2B. On the back of Future’s recent acquisitions (Noble House, Blaze and Imagine), Ben has been tasked with harnessing this as yet untapped proposition.


Ben has a twenty year career in B2B in various media companies, most recently ex EMAP, and prior to that at UBM.


Working with Future for the next few months, Ben will shape the strategy and determine the scope of the opportunity. In celebration of this new venture, Future will be hosting a B2B launch event in early November for a number of current and potential clients.


Managing Director – B2B, Ben Greenish, commented:


“The potential here is extraordinary. Future has great loyalty to build from and I’m keen to engage our potential clients with significant volumes of business decision makers.


In spearheading this division, I will be nurturing the proposition and feeding it into our activities across the company from audience development to product and ad solutions.


It’s a good time for B2B and I’m pleased that Future will be leading the way in its proposition.”


To attend the B2B launch event and for all other enquiries contact:


Jonathan Oakman

PR & Communications