VR Launches Into Future’s Trade Marketing Campaign

VR Launches Into Future’s Trade Marketing Campaign
November 3, 2016 joakman

Future develops a ground-breaking 3D virtual reality experience with Corporation Pop.

The project, titled ‘Step Into the Future’, will capitalise on Future’s expertise by leveraging its position as an innovative media organisation with a portfolio spanning world-leading technology, gaming and entertainment brands including TechRadar, T3, PC Gamer, GamesRadar+ and Creative Bloq.

Virtual Reality is taking the market by storm. Future is offering a unique take on this technology. Leading users through an immersive journey into the world of Future, Corporation Pop will use the Samsung Gear VR platform to showcase Future’s work from technology and gaming to film, music, design and photography.

The technology tackles the ever-changing ad market head-on, helping Future deliver pitches that are visually informative, consistent and actively engaged. ‘Step into the Future’ is powered through Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the latest Gear VR headsets. It will be showcased through pop-up booths at UK media industry events, and presented to our clients through a series of road-shows.

Dom Raban, Managing Director at Corporation Pop, commented:

“We’re very excited to be working with one of the world’s most innovative media companies on a project that uses emerging technology to reinforce their brand proposition in a truly unique way.

“Creating a 3D virtual environment rather than simply using a 360 video allows for much greater immersion and versatility in terms of what we can do. It will add the wow factor too.”

Nada Khalil, Interim Commercial Marketing Director at Future, commented:

“We were looking for an original and entertaining way to engage clients with our brands while also bringing to life Future’s mission of connecting people with their passions.

As the user progresses through the experience, they are transported into the Future worlds of technology, gaming, film, music photography and design. From being on stage at a rock concert to a strange encounter with a video game monster, this immersive journey takes the audience closer than ever to Future’s mission of making people’s lives better through sharing our passion and expertise.

By being one of the pioneers to use VR as a marketing tool, we are also demonstrating our ability to creatively tell our clients’ stories. Our unique proposition spans content marketing programs, e-commerce solutions and live event experiences that work together to deepen audience engagement and deliver measurable results.

For press enquiries and to arrange a demo of the experience contact:

Jonathan Oakman



For more information visit www.corporationpop.co.uk