181,500 transactions driving £21 million of revenue: Future’s bumper Black Friday

181,500 transactions driving £21 million of revenue: Future’s bumper Black Friday
December 22, 2016 joakman

Future achieved exceptional YoY growth over Black Friday weekend through its groundbreaking eCommerce platform, underlined by strong global partnerships with retailers including Amazon, Tesco and Ebay.


  • A brilliant SEO strategy, with Future ranking at the top of search results in the UK & US in the run up to and across all of Black Friday weekend.
  • Knowing what our audience wants, recognising their purchasing habits and offering satisfying solutions
  • An integrated cross brand editorial strategy that saw eCommerce married with editorial expertise.
  • Future’s proprietary eCommerce platform, built specifically for content that connects, allows for sophisticated price comparison that offers consumers insight into the best prices from all known retailers

Throughout November 2016 and Black Friday weekend, Future generated 181,500 transactions for its partners, driving over £21 million of retail revenue direct from its sites. This caps off another impressive year for Future, who continue to diversify digital revenue streams and deliver exceptional eCommerce performance.

Throwing themselves into deals mode across the weekend, the Future team delivered at staggering pace. That commitment paid off in spades – readers went on to spend nearly £14 million on the products recommended to them over the Black Friday weekend alone, and over £21 million when including the whole of November.

Future’s editorial teams, across leading brands such as TechRadar, PC Gamer, T3 & GamesRadar+ worked solidly over the entire weekend curating and sharing the best deals from across the UK & US specifically for their audience. Writing content specifically geared towards buying advice and eCommerce has become a natural part of the editorial process. Future’s expertise in SEO & data allows them to consistently rank well for search terms around Black Friday deals and technology buying advice.

 Future’s proprietary eCommerce tech platform, called ‘Hawk’, enables Future to partner with key retailers across the globe by offering a specially designed price comparison widgets that are embedded within all editorial content. Future is currently in multiple conversations to license it out to other publishers globally.

This market leading technology has encouraged partnerships with some of the leading retailers in the UK and the US. Future converts higher than its competitors and as a result, it is now the preferred partner in the technology sector for companies such as Amazon, Carphone Warehouse, John Lewis and Walmart, who give Future access to an immense selection of exclusive deals.

Black Friday is just one recent example of Future’s push to diversify and grow its revenues through eCommerce. YoY eCommerce revenue growth of 187% indicates the success of this strategy. You can view our recent F/Y results in full at www.futureplc.com/invest-in-future.

By understanding the customer journey through data, Future is able to capitalise on its SEO leadership and editorial expertise to drive audiences towards purchase.  The global media company is one of the few specialist publishers to build editorial strategies around eCommerce and, as such, has witnessed incredible success.

So what’s next for Future’s eCommerce strategy? The team’s already hard at work delivering some of the best deals on the market for Christmas. They can’t wait to dive into 2017.

Speak to us and we can share more data around Black Friday, including best performing retailers, best products and even more consumer insights.


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