TeamRock Voted the World’s Most Influential Rock Music Website

TeamRock Voted the World’s Most Influential Rock Music Website
June 14, 2017 kgreene, Home to Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Prog and TeamRock Radio, is named the world’s most influential rock music site in the world, according to Sounds of Style.

Sounds of Style issued their latest SOS100 this week, which acknowledges the most significant music websites around the world. has been named the most influential music site in the UK and the fifth most influential music site globally, across all genres.

On the Songs of Style page, it says:

‘In this collection, you’ll discover the most influential music sites which determine the artists and songs that ultimately define the soundtrack for 2017 – and beyond’

Songs of Style collate the total annual number of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+ shares from each site’s overall editorial coverage from 2016-2017. weighs in fifth globally with 20.7 million total shares, highlighting the strength of their engagement, the quality of their content and the dedication of the team’s hard work.

TeamRock’s Editor In Chief Scott Rowley says:

“What’s brilliant about this is that it’s based on what music fans share with each other – it’s real word-of-mouth. And it’s particularly satisfying for us because the websites were down for almost two months after the collapse of the old TeamRock company in December.

“Our sites talk to people who love and care about the music and we’ve worked hard on improving what we post on social – sharing videos, starting debate, breaking news – and avoiding clickbait as much as possible.”

A well-deserved acknowledgement for TeamRock and the brands within, who have worked relentlessly to build on the strength of their brands and provide their readers with the content they want, daily.