Future plc Predicts a 32% Increase in Black Friday Spending

Future plc Predicts a 32% Increase in Black Friday Spending
November 14, 2017 kgreene

As the world eagerly awaits the best deals for Black Friday, international specialist media group Future plc have revealed research based on their proprietary data that gives real insight into the likely spending patterns for 2017.

A survey* of over 1,390 committed readers of Future brands including T3, TechRadar and PC Gamer, revealed that 71% Future readers are planning on making a purchase over the Black Friday weekend. The research also concluded that 78% will be shopping online, targeting mainly Amazon, Currys PC World and Argos.

There is a predicted £346 average planned spend per reader this Black Friday (a 32% increase on last year) and the top five products on readers’ wish list are 4K TVs (14%), tablets (12%), Amazon Echo (12%), PS4/ PS4 Pro (11%) and wireless headphones (10%).

Patrick Goss, Global Editor in Chief, TechRadar, tells us:

“It’s great to see that people are being smart around buying tech by taking advantage of Black Friday offers but doing enough research to make sure they are truly getting the best deals around.”

Last year, Black Friday proved to be a prolific year for Future brands, finding the best deals for their audiences and, as a result, driving £18.5m revenue for Future’s retail partners.

Time-bound offers and cut-back prices result in high levels of traffic and frantic shopping but, with Future’s expert buying guides, ‘best of’ articles and strategically placed offers via Hawk, they can seamlessly guide consumers to make informed purchases relatively stress-free, connecting Future’s readers with the best deals this festive season.

Matt Smith, Head of eCommerce at Future says:

“Last year through a combination of expert buying advice, careful deal curation and our proprietary technology, Hawk, we were able to help a quarter of a million people find their perfect Black Friday deal.

“The market is shaping up for an even bigger year and we’re really excited to help our audiences once again find the best deals”