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Future Australia is a division of Future plc, the international media group and leading digital business. Future Australia reaches more than two million consumers every month across Australia and New Zealand, and its consumer-focused strategy aimed at reaching passionate technology, sport and games enthusiasts wherever they are – online, mobile, on tablet or in print – is driving rapid audience growth and engagement.

We operate Australia-specific online experiences of some of the world’s sector-leading brands including Cycling News, TechRadar and PC Gamer. With dedicated staff across each channel, Future delivers 24-hour breaking news with an Australian flavour.

Globally, TechRadar is read by more than 17 million people a month. It has become the go-to destination for opinions, exclusives and authoritative reviews of everything from mobile phones and tablets to the latest cameras and televisions. We work hard to bring original quotes and exclusive access. We review it more thoroughly and carefully than anyone else. We explain how it works and why you should care (or not).

APCMag.com is Australia’s premium consumer tech community site. With impressive unique user and page view statistics, it has the power to reach a massive number of tech consumers and influencers. The site has a predominantly male audience, with high disposable income and a large proportion working in professional IT. They identify themselves as influencers of friends’ and family technology purchases. APCMag.com is staffed by one of the country’s leading tech journalism teams, and is focused on helping readers identify the best technology buying choices and then get the most out of their purchases.

T3.com.au is a consumer tech lifestyle website and the online destination for the latest tech news, gadget reviews and information on the biggest trends in technology today. The site is all about the hottest tech of the moment; the best gadgets that you need to know about right now. Our team of dedicated writers and tech experts consistently scours the planet to keep you up to date with all the latest innovations in consumer tech.

TechLife.net is packed full of unique content not found in the magazine, covering technology for a new generation who use technology around the clock but don’t see themselves as geeks. They are always connected and use tech for entertainment, to get stuff done and to share their lives with their friends.

GamesRadar is the premiere source for everything that matters in the world of video games. Casual or core, console or handheld – whatever systems you own or whatever genres you love, GamesRadar is there to filter out what’s worth your time and to help you get even more from your games. We deliver the best advice, the most in-depth features, expert reviews, and the essential guides for all the top games.

One of the gaming industry’s oldest and most respected brands, ComputerAndVideoGames.com is the web’s number one gaming resource site. From the latest news and reviews, to the biggest in-depth play guides and walkthroughs, CVG brings you the entire picture, from a game’s announcement through to release and beyond. Every genre, every platform, every single day – CVG has it all.

Live and breathe PC gaming? So do we. Focused solely on one of the world’s most enduring games platforms, PC Gamer is your ultimate source for the latest and greatest PC news, previews, reviews, and hardware guides. Whether you’re looking to build the ultimate gaming rig or just want to get the most out of your games collection, PC Gamer is the place where you’ll find it all, from the nuts and bolts of your hardware through to the ones and zeroes of your software.

Cyclingnews.com is the world’s number one cycling website, with constantly-updated news, results, reviews and opinions from the world of bike racing. The site has editors and reporters in every major cycling nation.Acquired by Future in 2007, Cyclingnews.com was founded in Australia and its Australian office remains a vital part of the operation. Its Australia-based editors update the site while Europe and the USA are sleeping so that there is always fresh content for its major audiences.

BikeRadar has exceeded our traffic projections thanks to its comprehensive coverage of all aspects of cycling from local campaigns to the Tour de France; from tyres to the latest carbon super bikes.Bikely.com was created by an Australian programmer and bought by Future in 2007. It has grown rapidly to become the world’s biggest repository of cycling routes thanks to its simple interface and ease of use.Future Australia is also able to draw on the skills and expertise of the international teams that create Future’s UK-market-leading cycling magazines: Mountain Biking UK (the UK’s best-selling bike magazine), Cycling Plus (Britain’s biggest road cycling title), Procycling and What Mountain Bike.

    • APC on Apple’s Newsstand and Google Play

    For people who live technology, APC is unique: it’s the world’s longest-published monthly tech magazine. Launched in May 1980, we were there when Apple’s Macintosh and IBM’s PC were born; then got to ride in Bill Gates’ limousine when he launched Windows 95, and were in San Francisco’s main Apple store to buy Apple’s iPad when it arrived in 2010. With a combination of insights, testing and tutorials – APC lets you stay up-to-date with tech as it changes the world.

    • Australian T3 on Apple’s Newsstand and Google Play

    Australian T3’s digital edition comes with all the cutting-edge tech, reviews and features our readers expect, adding exclusive digital-only content, videos and animations. Australian T3 digital edition is the ultimate T3 experience.

    • TechLife on Apple’s Newsstandand Google Play

    TechLife is a technology mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them with an interactive magazine full of tips, how-tos and insights rich with videos, plus an interactive buying guide.

    • APC

    APC is Australia’s longest-published and most influential computer magazine and the choice monthly magazine for ‘power users’ and IT professionals. Every month APC presents news and analysis of the issues behind technology, reviews of the latest PC, mobile computing and home theatre products and software. APC’s editorial strength is not just its award-winning technical writers, but the contributions from its army of technically expert readers whose opinions, insights and tutorials appear in several of the magazine’s sections.APC’s Labs are among the few truly independent technology testing laboratories in Australia, while APC’s Best Tech pages give you a monthly summary of the best products in dozens of popular technology categories.

    • Australian T3 Magazine

    It’s no wonder T3 is the world’s favourite gadget magazine. It’s packed with gear, from tablets, cameras and home cinema, to speakers to make audiophiles melt.It’s a magazine for the tech-obsessed, so if it’s exclusive reviews of the hottest kit, top 10s, buyers’ guides and sharp writing you’re after, you’ve just found your perfect magazine.But we’re more than simple gadget eye-candy, between the covers you’ll find intelligent features, in-depth analysis and the Tech Life section devoted to fashion, grooming, home, cars and sport. It’s the tech title that gives you more.

    • TechLife

    TechLife is a technology magazine with a difference, focusing on how technology can help improve people’s lives rather than on specs and gigahertz. Where once the computer was a monolithic PC that sat on your desk, powered by complex software, the main computer in people’s lives today is the smartphone, and increasingly the tablet. Even in the lounge, televisions are connecting to the Net and becoming fully-fledged computers. The challenge today is to keep up with all the ways modern tech can improve our lives, and that’s the challenge that TechLife answers. TechLife is not just for the geek in the family, it’s for everyone.

    • Official Xbox 360 Magazine: Australia & New Zealand

    Official Xbox Magazine: Australia & New Zealand is packed with exclusive previews of new games, expert insider and community comment, brilliant features from the best writers in the industry and a reviews section that you can really trust to direct you to the very best new releases. Being the official magazine also means we’re entrusted with having to tell the truth. This means readers can be sure our reviews are totally accurate − and we’ll be first with all the biggest exclusives.

    • Official Nintendo Magazine: Australia & New Zealand

    Official Nintendo Magazine: Australia & New Zealand is the ultimate source for all things Nintendo. Our official status gives us unlimited access to the latest games as well as exclusive insight into Nintendo’s groundbreaking new hardware.In recent years the video games market has seen considerable expansion thanks to Nintendo’s family-friendly approach, which has introduced games to a wider demographic. Official Nintendo Magazine engages its broad audience with content that appeals to casual and dedicated gamers alike.

    • Official Windows Magazine: Australia & New Zealand

    Official Windows Magazine: Australia & New Zealand is the only Windows magazine endorsed by Microsoft. Each issue shows you how to get more from your interests and activities using Microsoft’s operating system. It’s the place to turn for trusted information on using Windows and covers everything from Windows Vista, Office, Mobile, Live and 7, providing clear guides to help you get started and to get the most from your PC.Whether it’s editing digital photos, creating a music play list or streaming movies from the PC to the TV, Windows Magazine has a real focus on helping you better use PCs. Whether you’re using or thinking about buying a new Windows PC, we’ll explain everything you need to know to get up and running and get the most from the new features and programs. We’ll also help you to buy hardware and software to use with your PC.

      Future Australia offers clients and agencies unrivalled access to our five core sectors: Technology, Entertainment & Video Games, Music, Creative and Sport. With unique access through our high-quality multi-media products, Future offers effective media solutions to clients who wish to engage with these key audiences. To find out more about the range of solutions available from Future contact us.


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