To drive product sales by establishing Tesco as a credible retailer within consumer technology.



We developed a multi-channel print and digital content communication strategy, presenting shoppers with high-quality tech advice, reviews, product guides and news. This demonstrated Tesco’s commitment to the sector and elevated its offering in customer’s minds. The content was also created to be easily transferable across platforms, reflecting the diverse ways consumers interact with the brand.


Drawing inspiration from the UK’s best-selling tech mags, we created a newsstand-quality magazine majoring on Tesco’s tech and entertainment offering. Available in-store and online, we employed a friendly yet knowledgeable tone of voice and playful, eye-catching designs that appealed to the tech-savvy and technophobe alike. We also created a complementary website focussed on tech news and advice, bolstering Tesco’s credentials further still.



of readers had a more positive opinion of Tesco as a technology retailer as a result of reading the magazine

  • 51% of readers thought about buying something as a result of seeing it in the magazine
  • 25% of readers actually bought a product as a result of reading about it in the magazine


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