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With long-established, market-leading brands like Guitarist, Rhythm, MusicRadar and Future Music, Future has one of the most highly-respected music portfolios in the world. We continue to lead the market through print and digital innovation as we look to target more musicians on a global scale.

Guitarist is the magazine for guitar aficionados, offering the world’s most authoritative guitar, amplifier and effects reviews, interviews with the biggest names in the industry and techniques lessons, tips and tricks plus exclusive audio and video content available for download.

Total Guitar is the definitive one-stop shop for all things guitar, appealing to a younger audience of players who want to know about the best new gear, improve their playing and rub shoulders with the biggest and best players in the world.

Guitar Techniques has established itself with highly proficient guitarists who want to become better musicians; delivering the best quality, most accurate music transcriptions and lessons via a combination of print, video and audio.

An ongoing app development strategy has seen the introduction of market-leading tutorial apps for the iPad. The Teach Yourself Guitar and the Learn Guitar Now series are interactive teaching aids built around video lessons, animated tab and backing audio to help players improve their technique.

MusicRadar, our flagship music-making website, attracts over 1.6 million visitors a month. In 2012 MusicRadar launched in the US and looks to expand throughout Europe in 2013 with a French edition launching in summer 2013. With over 5,000 product reviews and market-leading tuition content, the site has become a key destination for musicians seeking buying advice, and those with a desire to improve their playing ability. MusicRadar allows visitors to form crucial buying decisions when visiting the site, which helps us drive commercial revenue from retail and manufacturing partners.

Bookazines and specials are an expanding area of Future’s Music portfolio. These products give us the opportunity to publish additional content through one-off magazines aimed at highly targeted audiences, taking a deeper look at specific topics or genres of music.

Country music and ukuleles are just two of the areas we’ve expanded into over recent months, both topics published as part of our ongoing series of Play Guitar Now! specials – DVD tuition videos with an accompanying print guide.

Rhythm maintains its position as the UK’s leading drumming magazine. An authority on all things drumming, it delivers the latest equipment advice and reviews, and has exclusive interviews with some of the most notorious and famous drummers in the world.

Future Music and Computer Music are the UK’s leading music production and music software brands. The encyclopedias for music producers around the world, these unique magazines offer advice for the beginner and the professional.

This year Future teamed up with international rock behemoths Green Day to produce an app-only interactive special. Featuring exclusive interviews with all three band members, new and unseen photography and 17 videos, it is a must-have for any Green Day fan and a new business development opportunity for Future.

For further information contact: Rob Last, Head of Music, rob.last@futurenet.com

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  • Rhythm
  • Future Music
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