Meet Our Teams

Our company is organised across six functions – each with its own specialism – although we work in collaboration to make everything happen.

Content and Marketing

Our Content and Marketing teams are the talented people who write, design, photograph, video and create events and build audiences around the award-winning content you see within our market-leading magazines, websites, tablet editions and at our increasing raft of events.

Focusing on Technology, Photography, Creative & Design, Music, Games and film verticals, Future’s content experts all live and breathe their specialist area of interest, whether they are reviewing the latest gadgets, teaching you how to use the newest piece of music tech, improving your photography skills or advising what film to watch at the weekend or which videogame you should pre-order. Alongside them are our marketing and audience development teams, responsible for delivering multi-channel campaigns, ensuring we strengthen brands, grow audiences and build market share.

Consumer Revenues

This is the team who ensure consumers can find – and subscribe – to our magazines on print and digital newsstands. Consumer Revenues consists of teams who are focused on retaining and acquiring subscribers, managing our print and digital channels and our own eCommerce website,

We’ve also created our own software called FutureFolio, enabling audiences to enjoy our digital magazine content interactively across iOS and Android tablets. Our team of developers behind FutureFolio continually improve our functionality with this product, ensuring our clients benefit from it.

Commercial Sales

Our Commercial Sales team generate revenue from our advertisers and commercial partners. The team is split into agency sales, key accounts, telesales, programmatic, ad operations and FutureFusion.

The Sales team deliver multi-platform advertising solutions across print, digital, tablet, mobile, video and events. They’re tasked with delivering engaging creative solutions, responding to briefs and proactively pitching for new business, combining their strong market understanding with strong client relationship skills.

FutureFusion are our in-house creative agency who create irresistible content for global audiences across our titles and products, driven by market insight and analytics.

Product and Technology

Behind our leading website brands are engineering and web teams who work to deliver scalable, highly performant systems for millions of users to use everyday. Our Product and Technology team constantly develop their skillset in a collaborative, sociable and open development environment, working in an open and agile way across different products. We have monthly hack days where our teams get to innovate and work with others across the wider team, as well as having daily stand-ups, breakout spaces to innovate, and we have fun celebrating successes (and glorious failures!). In this space are developers, technical leads, product leads, network engineers and user experience specialists who work together to ensure Future’s networks and websites can deal with the huge daily traffic demands.

Finance and Operations

These are the key central functions enabling Future to function. Finance see that budgets are managed, employees (and suppliers) are paid, and financial accounts are managed. Our Production, Procurement and Facilities areas ensure that our magazines are ready to be printed at high quality and the materials bought. Executive Support ensure that all of our teams have everything they need day-to-day, whilst IT oversee the smooth operation of our internal systems and provide desktop and helpdesk support.

HR and Communications

This small specialist team partners with all areas of Future to support its people on all aspects of working life, from maternity leave to recruitment to staff benefits, and ensures that everyone is informed of and involved in everything we do as a business. They also manage Future’s internal channels, including ‘The Hub’ – Future’s online news, information and reference point – and our corporate social media channels.