Future Announces the Return of TeamRock Radio

Future Announces the Return of TeamRock Radio
June 9, 2017 kgreene

TeamRock Radio makes a triumphant return to the air today with the Classic Rock Magazine Show, Metal Hammer Magazine Show and Prog Magazine Show weekly

TeamRock Radio ceased broadcasting on December 19, 2016, when its parent company went into liquidation. Future bought the TeamRock assets, including Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Prog and the TeamRock brand itself with the intention of resurrecting these strong brands with some of the original team. It’s with great pleasure Future plc can announce that June 9 marks the triumphant return of TeamRock Radio.

Listeners can expect the best of classic rock, heavy metal and progressive rock as TeamRock Radio aim to provide a fresh alternative to traditional rock stations. Creating timeless, quality shows with worldwide appeal, TeamRock will be entertaining rock fans with original programming and a fresh playlist that breaks away from the same old tracks and supports new bands.

“We’ve built the station for the people who’ll actually listen to it,” says TeamRock Editor In Chief Scott Rowley. “Rock stations in the UK – and around the world for that matter – are lazy and formulaic. They’re entry-level, with playlists that treat you like you’ve just heard rock music for the first time.

“If you invited a bunch of mates friends back to your house you wouldn’t play them Bohemian Rhapsody, Bat Out Of Hell or Whole Lotta Love – you’d put on some well-chosen classics they hadn’t heard in a while, or some brilliant new music. Why do our rock radio stations insist on force-feeding us the bleeding obvious? TeamRock Radio is for people who really love music.”

TeamRock Radio’s new Programme Controller is Philip Wilding. Philip was part of the original TR Radio launch team and has a background that includes time on BBC6 Music, TalkSport and Absolute as well as work on Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog magazines.  

Content will include:

Artist-led shows

  • “Desert Island Discs”-type shows with artists choosing the tracks – new regular shows like The Soundtrack To My Life, with bands and artists choosing the songs that changed their life. Real “appointment to listen” shows that will appeal to each artist’s unique fanbase and introduce them to a wider audience.

Magazine shows

  • Renowned Future magazine brands will be taking to the air, with weekly Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog shows, presented by the Editors.
  • Awards Shows: TeamRock Radio will be the place to listen to the latest on all TeamRock events, including this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards Show will be on air Wednesday, June 14.

Audience Reach

TeamRock Radio’s shows will be promoted via the brand’s websites and social media. The TR sites are one of the most powerful online music brands, driving 4 million visits a month with a combined social media following of 4.8m.

Classic Rock’s reach alone dwarves most of its rivals, with 1.7m Facebook followers, double that of UK print titles like NME and Kerrang! – and 12 times that of Q Magazine, Mojo and Uncut – but even out-performing web-only brands like Pitchfork (CR has 300,000 more), Ultimate Classic Rock (CR has 500,000 more), Loudwire (300,000 more). Metal Hammer’s Facebook following is even greater, at 1.9m.

Combine that with the reach of the artists the station will feature and the potential audience is huge.


Regular shows will include branded magazine shows led by the editors of each, in support of their brands. The line-up includes:

  • The Classic Rock Magazine Show – presented by magazine editor Sian Llewellyn
  • The Metal Hammer Magazine Show – presented by magazine editor Merlin Alderslade
  • The Prog Magazine Show – present