Future gains comScore top spot for the third consecutive month

We’re delighted to announce that Future has won the #1 spot on the US media rankings for the third consecutive month and in the UK for the 11th consecutive month. This is an amazing achievement after such a stellar financial year, with Future gaining 44% of the Technology News category and 30% of the total US Internet audience.

This comScore result is bolstered by huge growth across many of our key brands. In October, PC Gamer saw its total unique visitors grow by 64% UK and 71% US YoY, GamesRadar grow by 127% UK and 98% US, and Android Central grow by 50% US. Future’s website brands T3, Live Science, What Hi-Fi?, Guitar World and Real Homes websites all also recorded their best-ever monthly comScore numbers in both the UK & US  in October.

On the fantastic news, Future CEO Zillah Byng-Thorne says: “Our publications enrich the lives of millions of special interest readers, aficionados and experts across so many fields. To our advertisers, it’s vital to get close to these influencers as they enter the purchase cycle. We are most appreciative of the hard work this recognition reflects on the part of our editors and other professionals. These rankings are truly well-earned praise.”

You can read all about the news in our official press release here.

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