Future sets impressive new Black Friday records for 2019

Following the Black Friday weekend, Future is thrilled to announce that we’ve set a new record, with 44% year-over-year growth across our portfolio of websites.

Big performers over the weekend were our technology and gaming sites TechRadar, GamesRadar and Tom’s Guide. Tom’s Guide’s eCommerce-related clicks were up 306% from 2018, while Google Analytics recorded a 13.5% increase in users over Black Friday 2018. TechRadar also achieved its best ever single day, reaching over 3.5 million people.

An HP touchscreen laptop, Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone and the Playstation VR were among the most purchased products across Future’s sites on Black Friday. Subscriptions to streaming services such as Hulu and Disney+ were also among the most popular purchases on Future’s sites. 

Our Chief Content Officer, Aaron Asadi, says: “We see that our brands and platforms are becoming increasingly important to online shoppers across the world. Consumers want to spend confidently, and our fantastic, expert buying advice across consumer tech, games, music, homes and more, gives them exactly that. Today Future is an essential step on the specialist consumer journey – every year more people are coming to our websites before going to retailers. That’s a wonderful compliment and a responsibility we take seriously, so we are proud of our success and look forward to 2020.”

For all the details about Future’s Black Friday results, read our press release here.

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