Future research reveals more insights into Heart of Britain

Global media platform Future Plc has released the latest research into the powerful Heart of Britain – women aged 35+ in the C1C2D demographic who hold the purse strings for more than 14m households in the UK.

The second tranche of the award winning research reveals the pandemic is impacting these women less – they are 66% more likely than millennials to find it easy to cope with everyday life and 81% have an active support network, which is significantly more likely than any other group to include neighbours as well as family and friends.

They are staunch environmentalists, with more than 90% agreeing that everyone has a duty to recycle and 77% caring about pollution and littering – compared to 61% of millenials. They hold the purse strings for their families, with grocery spend of £1.97B and a budget of £9.16B for Christmas that dwarfs other demographics.

Surprisingly, the research, delivered in partnership with Differentology using cutting edge AI technology as part of a mixed methodology six month programme of research, also revealed that it’s in trying and sticking to new things that this group really smash stereotypes – they are more likely than any other group to continue with their lockdown discoveries like crafting, gardening and doing home improvements.

“Our research has shown that this group hold real power – in their communities and in their households,” said Jon Restall, Head of Commercial, Lifestyle and Entertainment

“They often make purchase decisions for the whole family,  and their networks make them real influencers – which means that there is a high value to this audience. Word of mouth is the primary driver behind up to 50% of purchases, so these women are enormously important for retailers,  brands and products”

“And they are clearly willing and able to try new things, often inspired by our editorial content and recommendations”





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Faye Galvin, Head of Communication

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