December 17, 2021

Future makes biggest investment in gaming in a decade with launch of TechRadar Gaming

New addition will sit at intersection of hardware and gaming, leveraging strengths of existing brands to bring the best experience to gaming audience

Global digital powerhouse Future plc is adding to its already impressive portfolio of top gaming offerings with the launch this week of TechRadar Gaming – TRG.

The site aims to be the go-to source for game news, hardware guides and reviews and represents a significant investment for the organisation, which is on a hiring spree to bring the best content creators in to work on the brand and make the site a top ten gaming property within a year.

Modern gamers sweat the details – and that leads to questions. We’re here to answer those questions, and entertain them at the same time” said Gareth Beavis, Global Editor in Chief for TechRadar. 

“We’ll marry our current expertise in hardware reviews, gaming guides and insightful how-to content with a new suite of writers that know how to help you succeed.

“So if you need to tweak HDMI outputs to optimize video quality for a specific title, beat the third sub boss with a different weapon to improve your chances later on or measure frame rates off the newest Nvidia graphics card, we’re here to deliver that guidance. 

“We’ll dig into the best keyboards for gamers, which monitors have dedicated game modes and which are the best, as well as deep discussions on the newest titles themselves. It’s a unique space that plays into our existing authority.”

Future is finalising the appointment of an EIC for the brand and will recruit a further eight new colleagues specifically to support new content around game guides, news and features with the aim of being a top 10 gaming property within a year.