March 30, 2022

Future offers second round of trainee writer placements as part of Kickstart Scheme

Future plc, the global media group and leading digital publisher, have offered three trainee news writer roles as part of the UK’s continued Kickstart Scheme, which aims to give young people on Universal Credit and those facing long-term unemployment the opportunity to train in a new career.

The placements, working across gaming, women’s lifestyle and specialist brands, strengthen Future’s work around Our Future, Our Responsibility by offering learning opportunities to individuals looking to build a successful career in the digital media industry.

Trainee writer Martha Elliott says, “I jumped at the chance to make a career change into writing with Wallpaper*. I’m loving being able to ask questions and learn about all the inner workings of a magazine and am looking forward to understanding everything better in time.”

Trainee writer Elizabeth Fryer says, “Everyone wants to be able to turn what they love into a career. It’s been especially hard for me as I have a debilitating illness which can make things rather difficult. I believe this opportunity is a blessing as I am able to work on my writing skills which I do wish to improve as well as I have the flexibility to work from home which can sometimes help my health. The job isn’t demanding and my other colleagues are very supportive, friendly and helpful. I have only been here a month, however I have found this to be the best job out of all I have worked in many different sectors. This is the first time I even knew this kind of writer was a possibility and now I do, I strive to get better so as to become a permanent employee after my six months contract.”

And as part of Future’s commitment to paying a living wage, the living wage will be paid to individuals placed in these roles.