April 20, 2022

Future plc launches TechRadar Gaming

New gaming brand TRG will extend to more gamer audiences

Future plc, the global platform for specialist media, has launched TechRadar Gaming (TRG), a new gaming brand that will leverage TechRadar’s established authority to become the foremost destination for gaming and hardware opinions.

TRG represents a significant investment for Future, with an ambitious target to grow the site’s traffic up to 70% and become a top gaming property. Since the soft launch of TRG in December the site has reached over 5 million readers per month, with 75% of audiences coming from organic search. Nearly two-thirds of the audience are aged 18-34, and buying guides have increased to 60% of the nearly $8.1m of products sold through the site since the beginning of the year.

Future has appointed Julian Benson as Editor In Chief to widen TRG’s reach and engage new gaming audiences. Julian has further rounded out the TRG team with strategic new hires Shabana Arif as Gaming News Editor, Patrick Dane as Gaming Guides Editor and Adam Vjestica as Gaming Hardware Editor to create leading gaming content to guide audiences on how to get the most out of their games and hardware.

“The challenge for a modern gamer is knowing what to play and how to get the best performance out of their devices,” said Benson. “At TRG we’re dedicated to answering those questions because we don’t just write about games, we live them. We cover all the biggest gaming stories, answer our readers’ questions, and tell our audience what is worth playing.”