February 23, 2022

Future research reveals two-thirds of gamers have increased play time

The Gaming Now + Next Whitepaper from Future plc, the global platform for specialist media and home to leading games sites GamesRadar+ and PC Gamer, has today given new insights into the state of gaming in the UK and US.

The whitepaper includes expert views and commentary from our games editors alongside the results from one of the widest-ranging gaming audience surveys ever to be conducted. Completed in January 2022, the survey of over 2,000 UK and US respondents covers topics from console and device ownership, next-gen consideration, and other related gaming behaviours.

Top findings from the Gaming Now + Next whitepaper include:

  • On average, 66% of consumers have increased their play time in gaming. The increase is driven by more available free time and because gaming allows audiences to socialise with friends
  • Women are more likely to cite an increased interest in gaming than their male counterparts
  • Women spend on average 10% more time per week playing mobile games than men
  • Despite supply chain issues continuing to impact next-gen console purchases, on average the majority (52%) intend to purchase one
  • In the US, 78% are planning to upgrade PC or laptops used for gaming

“We have studied and tracked consumer behaviour in gaming to help us react quickly to the changing demands of our 61.2m global gaming enthusiasts. It’s clear from the study, the gaming industry has flourished during the pandemic, with more people than ever choosing to spend their free time on their favourite device,” said Richard Thomas, Insights Director, at Future. “The rising number of female gamers – especially in the mobile sector – should come as no surprise for those who have been paying attention over the last few years, but they are still an underserved portion of gamers. Though FIFA, Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Black Ops proved to be the most popular games this year, our survey revealed women players prefer casual games which should make advertisers pause for thought.

“With Future now reaching 52.6m adults in the UK on a monthly basis, 55% of the country’s population, in sectors that include women’s lifestyle and wealth, as well as tech and gaming, our audiences are crucial for gaming brands looking to hit the sweet spot with their ecommerce and advertising campaigns. As gaming becomes increasingly mainstream amongst people in all walks of life, the ability to reach audiences in a variety of sectors and niches will be crucial for the gaming industry through 2022 and beyond.”

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