November 09, 2021

Marie Claire UK & US in first ever global brand collaboration

Two leading global women’s brands owned by Future plc,  the global platform for specialist media, have joined forces to showcase initiatives highlighting female empowerment.

For the first time, the two publications have united on a joint cover for their November digital issues featuring Alicia Keys. 

The alliance strengthens Future’s commitment to evolving its footprint in the women’s lifestyle space, cementing the brands position as trailblazers for women’s empowerment, with each region celebrating in its own individual way with distinct cover images. 

For Marie Claire UK, Alicia Keys was chosen as the face of their annual Future Shapers Awards and awarded a top Icon Award for her lifelong activism and role inspiring women towards success on their own terms. The Marie Claire Future Shapers Awards honour grass-roots campaigners, innovators, and activists who are agents of change.

For Marie Claire US, Alicia Keys was the keynote speaker at their fifth annual Power Trip. An exclusive, invite-only event that brings together 75 entrepreneurial women to cultivate a community who can inspire, create, and collaborate in an impactful way.

Andrea Thompson, Editor-in-Chief for Marie Claire UK says, “Alicia Keys is a global icon, trailblazer and activist who resonates with Marie Claire audiences across both markets. It’s wonderful to be able to work together to spotlight such a powerful female role model.”

Sally Holmes, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire US added, “We are excited to work with our UK counterparts to champion successful women and celebrate strong female leadership.”