Engaging the PC gaming community with a powerful proposition

The Challenge

To promote Intel’s new i7 Processor to the PC gaming community.


Our solution


Leveraging Future’s gaming expertise and ability to create innovative content, we used Intel’s i7 Processor along with the best computer hardware on the market to create the most powerful gaming PC possible. This original, unprecedented PC experiment integrated Intel into its very fabric, and encouraged the PC gaming community to consider Processors first when building a PC.



The result was the Large Pixel Collider, the most awe-inspiring, perilously-potent gaming computer ever built. Its chosen design theme was “Ark of the Covenant” to match the almighty, god-tier performance of the machine. An extensive media campaign was created around this bold execution, involving custom editorial videos, social media content and influencers, and a giveaway – engaging audiences across multiple channels.

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The Large Pixel Collider Promoted via

The Large Pixel Collider Promoted via PC Gamer’s Social Media Channels

The Large Pixel Collider

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