Square Enix

Creating a buzz to achieve record-breaking sales

The Challenge

To increase awareness of Final Fantasy XV’s release within the gaming community, with a target to make it the highest-selling FF game ever.


Our solution


Identifying GamesRadar+ and Kotaku UK as home to the most appropriate and influential audiences for this project, we created a 15-day multi-platform, content-led partnership which would count down to the release day of FFXV. This enabled Square Enix to tap into the purchasing power of highly engaged gaming communities.



We produced five new articles of Final Fantasy related content and repurposed our existing legacy features. This was supported by Final Fantasy traffic-drivers and roadblock display media across Future’s entire gaming website portfolio. Short Final Fantasy XV trailers were also promoted every day over the 15-day period across our social media channels, providing an immersive content experience that generated a buzz among our highly relevant consumer audiences.

Social Media Reach

Total Video Views

Final Fantasy XV Promotion via GamesRadar+ Twitter

Sponsored FFXV Article on GamesRadar.com

Sponsored Article Featured on Kotaku.co.uk

Final Fantasy XV Countdown on GamesRadar+ Facebook

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