Future differentiator

Expanding horizons

Our depth of expert content gives us an opportunity to take positive action to fuel passions and provide compelling learning opportunities for colleagues, audiences and future talent.

Facilitating lifelong learning for our audiences

We’re one of the biggest digital publishers in the UK and US and we’re all about expanding mindsets and prospects. Our brands connect people with their current passions and help them to find new ones. Our content will be accessible, engaging, authoritative and expert so that everyone from diverse and global backgrounds will be able to fuel their passion or gain valuable learning.
  1. 01
    We will connect our audiences’ passions to social and environmental content, inspiring them to effect positive change
  2. 02
    We will diversify our output across our brands to widen learning opportunities for our audiences
  3. 03
    We will develop content that is fully accessible for lifelong learning
  4. 04
    We will use the ‘Responsible Content Framework’ to package content as a learning opportunity for readers
  5. 05
    Our editorial steering group will continue to embed and advocate responsible content
  6. 06
    We will conduct an audit of brands readership and set targets for brand staff to better reflect readership by 2030

Our brands are leading the way

We'll leverage our brands’ influence to create positive societal change, facilitating lifelong learning for all.
Promising to capture the imaginations of our readers and take them on voyages of discovery. We encourage debate, promote reading for pleasure, and help young people to think for themselves. Encouraging young readers to aim high, dream big and make educated decisions to change their future.
The Week Junior Science + Nature
Making complex topics accessible for readers of all ages, we help our audience to understand and explore the wonders of the modern world.
How it Works
Bringing the wonder of space down to Earth with in-depth articles and dazzling images. Created by space experts, readers are taken monthly on an awe-inspiring journey through our solar system.
All About Space
From beginner to expert, first chord to rock god, Total Guitar has lessons to suit players of all levels. Our world-class tuition is friendly, accessible and jargon-free.
Total Guitar
Providing factual and evaluative information to enable educators to explore the latest in education technology tips and tools, in-depth reporting and trends.