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Future is a global platform business for specialist media with scalable, diversified brands and data at its heart. We create fans of our brands by giving them a place they want to spend their time, where they go to meet their needs – all the while delivering value for our shareholders.


Investment Case

Our strategy is to expand our global reach through organic growth, acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Diversified monetisation models create significant revenue streams, driving growth in operating profitability and cash conversion.

Our investment case is built on five key pillars:

Diversified brands and monetisation models

Specialist content that connects communities

Scalable technology platform

Proprietary, lean and cost effective

Ability to accelerate growth through acquisitions

Track record of successful integration

Global growth opportunity

Organic growth, acquisitions and strategic partnerships

Strong fundamentals

Attractive free cash flows

Growth in 2020 H1 revenue to £144.3m (2019: £108.7m)

2020 H1 operating profit increased to £39.9m (2019: £22.6m)

Adjusted free cash flows increased by 45% to £40.0m (2019: £27.5m)

Adjusted diluted EPS increased by 60% to 32.9p (2019: 20.5p)

Leverage improved to Nil (2019: 1.09x)

FY19 Full-Year Results

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