We operate as a responsible business driven by our clear purpose, value and culture. We’re committed to using our scale and reach to make a positive impact and inspire change - playing our part in building a sustainable future for all our communities and our planet

Our responsibility journey

We looked to those who engage with us day in, day out to understand what matters most to them

We collaborated with global stakeholders to map the materiality issues for our sector and to identify gaps, consulted our colleagues, carried out peer benchmarking and policy reviews, and undertook an external materiality assessment to formulate our strategy.

Staying true to our principles

To shape our work we've focused on key topics that resonate with our organisation, are actionable, are in line with all our stakeholder expectations, and where we feel we can make a unique difference. We've grouped our work into two areas:
Future Differentiators

Our unique opportunity to make a difference

Although we have acted responsibly in these areas previously, we've not been explicit about our approach.
Future Foundation

The things that are critical to being a responsible business

We have a track record of delivery in these areas and we're committed to doing even more.

Find out more about our strategy

Our strategy has four pillars that focus on what is important to us and where we can make a difference, reflecting our commitment to drive further change within our own company and deliver a positive societal impact through the content we produce and the influence we wield.
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Future Differentiator

Expanding horizons

We will leverage our brands’ influence to create positive societal change through our expert content, facilitating lifelong learning for all.

Our portfolio of brands gives us the platform and opportunity to influence and inspire people, and to encourage positive change for a more sustainable environment through trusted information and advice.
Zillah Byng-Thorne


Making sure we're on the right track

Our work will be accountable and transparent and - where possible - aligned with a framework. We've adopted the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a guide for our objectives and our performance. Going forwards, we'll also report against the Task Force for Climate-related Financial disclosures to demonstrate our climate-related governance, strategy, risks and targets.