Audience Insight

We actively seek to understand our audiences better than anyone, leveraging this knowledge to help partners inform and optimise their campaigns.

Our tools

We have developed a detailed understanding of our readers using a wide range of tools including syndicated research, web analytics and “The Illuminate Panel”, our proprietary reader survey utility. This Audience Insight enables our partners to access highly relevant and knowledgeable communities that will support the success of their campaigns.

The illuminate Panel

The Illuminate Panel is a global community of engaged and active readers across all of Future’s brands; both online and print. Our users are proven active purchasers across various fields covered by our extensive portfolio, including gaming, technology and photography. We send out monthly surveys which help us gain in-depth qualitative insights from a targeted group of consumers. The high level of responses we receive from our readers makes the panel particularly valuable.

Insights we deliver

  • Awareness and perception
  • Familiarity and knowledge
  • Ownership and purchasing habits
  • Interests and attitudes
  • Media consumption
  • Competitive advantages
  • Advertising creative feedback

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