October 15, 2021

Future plc well positioned to navigate Google’s third party cookie phase out

Future plc the global platform for specialist media, has responded to Google’s announcement of a phasing out of third-party cookies.

CEO Zillah Byng-Thorne said: “As a premium publisher of digital specialist media brands with scale, leading market positions and highly endemic audiences with high purchasing intent, we are well-positioned to benefit from the removal of third party cookies. We are supportive of the recent Google announcements regarding the desire to protect the consumer’s privacy.

“Future is in prime position to capitalise on the changes as it is a brand leader with scale in endemic markets. We hold the all important 1st party relationship with tens of millions of our consumers each day who access our sites for information and services. Our advertising products are built around our high value users allowing marketers to easily transact with us in a wide variety of futureproof ways.

“We have a strong strategic relationship with Google on both the buy and sell side giving us a unique view of the market and we are therefore extremely well positioned. These latest announcements were fully expected and we continue to operate and adapt our range of advertising solutions that allow clients and agencies access to our audiences. Our contextual, behavioral and audience advertising solutions allow targeted access to users at all stages in their interest or purchase journeys in a privacy complaint manner.”